Sunday, October 28, 2007

The wages of sin

I got to wear my beautiful corset in public for the very first time! I picked it up at the RenFair with a friend; it's a gorgeous, handmade affair, and so pretty...but not something I can wear out every day. However, it's Halloween party night here in the city with big shoulders, so I thought, what the hey, and wore it to two events. The first one, a party with cheese and chocolate, I wore the black side out. The second was the Goth Nocturna Party at the House of Blues. I am slightly inebriated, and it's 3 am. I have church tomorrow, so I know I'll be paying for it. I also wore my beautiful handmade blue silk skirt. As a crafter, I believe it's very important to support fellow crafters, and buy from them, so I try to buy hand made, and local whenever I can. Plus, the workmanship is gorgeous, and I got a million compliments!

On the knitting front, I'm almost ready to felt the huge slippers I'm making for the roommate and for my dad. (The first pair is experimental, and done, so I will felt tomorrow, and then make the second pair) I plan on needle felting their initials on them after felting. I also bought some non-skid rug backing instead of suede slipper bottoms, because both men live with hardwood floors and have complained about slipping on them. I have to experiment to see how they look.

I'm soooo glad I'm not moving! My roommies are family, and there's nothing like partying with them to really bond. E's my kid bro, and tonight he was great in making sure I made it up the stairs, and had a good time at the club with all of his friends.

On another personal note, I'm actually dating again, and I actually like the guy I'm with...


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