Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Minions of Satan: 1 Hapless customer: 0

Once again, I have tangled with the Minions of Satan aka the utilities company. It turns out that yes, we were paying our neighbors' bill, and yes, we overpaid. We used quite a bit less gas, as we thought we were paying for it, and thus acted in a conservative manner towards the very expensive resource. The people next door have their gas shut off, since they've NEVER paid a gas bill in 9 months (one would think they would notice they weren't getting paid, but anyways).

Now, here's where it gets strange. Minions of Satan does not want to give us a credit because they are blaming our landlord for mislabeling the meters. They say that we should go to our landlord for the money due to our overpayment (our landlord thinks this is bullshit-quite correctly). Meanwhile, they will not turn on the gas next door until the neighbors have paid their bill. I expressed my puzzlement with this to the "customer service representative" in the following verbatim interaction:

ME: "So, you're going to bill my neighbors for all of the gas they have not paid for all winter."
CSR: "Yes."
ME: "You're also telling us to go our landlord for our overpayment, not you, and that you're going to re-start our account."
CSR: "Yes."
ME: "Doesn't that mean that you will get paid twice-that's two times- for the same amount of gas? And we still might owe you money even though we overpaid?"
CSR: "Yes."
ME: "Can I speak to your supervisor?"
CSR: "He's only available from 1-4 Mondays and Wednesday."

So, guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.