Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The orange shawl; the saga continues

I'm still working on my orange "pumpkin" shawl, as my roommates call it. It's got a great technique going for it-the outside edge is not bound off. Instead, the border is knitted on to the live outside stitched. Right now, it looks crap, but that's the nature of unblocked lace.

The two pics are of the orange shawl- I actually really like the color, but it is very pumpkin. Notice on the closeup how the border is being knit onto the edge-very cool!!

On the homefront, I am very happy with my two new roommates (the two guys sitting on the couch, playing video games). I can't explain how happy it makes me that my house looks like a home. There are no boxes anywhere, everything is organized, and I can walk through the hallwayy without tripping over anything. Every room is usable, and we have two completely seperate living rooms- a bonus for three people. Tonight, a friend spontaneously stopped by, and I was able to cook dinner for her without having to clean the kitchen or make excuses for the state of the house. No more weird smells! Go Shannon for helping us!

Also, I got a comment on my blog- from a person I've never met. How cool is that?! Even if I don't reply, I love comments; they make me feel very fuzzy.