Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two weeks post-op

Two weeks post-op! I'm recovering very nicely; I've even been to stitch n'bitch Tuesday. It's really important to me to start getting back to my normal routine. Even more importantly, I wanted to thank in person all the people who sent me emails, and kept me in their thoughts and prayers.

Tonight, my friend Val ( ) and her Aussie friend Rick came over bearing Chinese from Chinatown. Very good, and I head a head model for misslunablu's urban hat. I made it a bit bigger. For a full update on the evening hijinks, including pics of my hat, check out L's blog:

Monday, February 13, 2006

chuggin' away

I've completed about 50% of the kimono sweater!! And I got to try it on today, because the doctors have taken out all of the tubes. It's a good day, all in all.


So, I had post-op checkup number one. Part of the hardest part of the recovery process is accepting that I will have limitations on mobility and on my life for several more weeks to come. My major limitations, the one that I'm going to really struggle with, is the weight. I can't carry more than 10-15 lbs for the next 4 weeks. I had to argue for the extra 5 lbs; my laptop bag weighs 11 with just the laptop, no books. So, after negiotiation, I get 1 laptop, 1 book.

On the positive side, I'm doing really well in terms of healing, so that feels really great.

Friday, February 10, 2006

the thing about crisis

It's been a little over a week since surgery. I'm really pleased to discover how well I'm actually doing; there's little pain, and mentally I'm beginning to wake up. Tomorrow, I think that I'll start work again. There's no reason I can't have some productive web time for a change.

Emotionally, the nights are still a struggle. I still think a little too much about the choices that I've made, and what I should have done.

There's a note of grace in every day. I have some amazing friends, and they have offered me a level of support that I'm amazed at. For all the choices I've made, I know that I've done something right to have these people in my life.

There's this thing about crisis; it burns fierce and hot and it hurts. I had choices, and they've changed. I've lost a set of possibilities, and I can't help but wish that I didn't. I hope to hell this teaches me something new, that I get grow. I hope I become tempered by this. Most of all, I hope for grace.

First post

Alright, here's my first post. Yes, eventually, I'll join any bandwagon.